Another E-scooter out of Israel — its getting hot over there!

Another E-scooter out of Israel

The MUV-e (pronounced as MOVE) is a 3-wheeled stand and ride scooter that aims to take chip away at the segway and Myway market share. Still in the prototype stages, it aims to make the basic version just under USD2,000 and the more premium version in the USD 3,000 range. To make it portable, the designers are hoping to get it under 15kg. It remains to be seen if they can hit their target of 13kg for the basic version.

Developed by a former Ferrari and Fiat interior designer, the MUVe will naturally have plug-in charging ports for your smart phone devices. We see this product competing directly with the Segways and not so much in-line 2-wheelers like the Myway. For 2 wheeled lovers, our motto is always “Why have 3 wheels when all you need is 2”. The MUVe will be taking on the segway as it is moving into a premium mobility market at a much lower price point. Plus, it can do what the segways are currently doing at Singapore’s Changi Airport and Gardens by the Bay — for surveillance and security.

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