E-TWOW pre-launches in Singapore

E-TWOW pre-launches in Singapore

The E-TWOW (pronounced “E-2”) is the lightest weight e-scooter in the market. Weighing in at just under 10kg, it is a very feasible option for last-mile commuting. What it lacks in power, torque and ride comfort, it makes up for it in terms of portability. The 8-inch tubeless tires give the rider some good speed in manual kicking mode. We did a 5km pavement test just manually kicking alongside our Xtoor buddies and the E-TWOW was shoulder-to-shoulder with them. When traversing on flat pavement, this e-scooter performs very well. Of course, you always have the option of turning on the electric mode with a top cruising speed of 22km/h, and the xtoor kickers will have a hard time keeping up. Though not for thrill-riders or speedsters, the E-TWOW is a true urban commuting vehicle.

The trade off on its lightweight-ness is that it does not pack a whole lot of battery capacity or have the power or torque to traverse slopes as fast as the other e-scooters out there. When tested on 10 degree slopes, the E-TWOW slows to a crawl where walking could possibly be faster. Battery capacity is at this moment untested although manufacturer’s specs say it has a max range of 22km.

The E-TWOW is now available for preorders at http://www.sgelectricscooters.com.

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  1. In practice, range is closer to 15 km.


  2. On normal weight load? Based on actual tests?


  3. Should feature Zoom too. http://www.zoom.sg, seems like a start-up by a local guy here.


    1. The zoom is the same product as the e-twow scooter.


      1. … but with a different back wheel ?

      2. So are you the same guy as the http://www.zoom.sg people? Cos I made a test drive with them but would like to see your products too.

      3. Nope we aren’t the zoom people. We are the Falcon people.

  4. Nope. The PU tires are available both on the zoom and e-twow too.


  5. You’re the Falcon guy i assume? Does your e-twow come with PU wheel? can i try it?


  6. Yes all e-twow come with an option of plastic or PU tires. Our demo units are plastic but your order units can have a choice.


  7. Does the stock wheels on e-twow travel smoothly and quietly on the rougher road surfaces? I would hate to have all the vibrations travel up my arms.


    1. The stock e-twow wheels come in 2 versions: a solid plastic wheel and a spoked PU tire. The PU tires are more comfortable in general. The e-twow also comes with both front and rear suspension for added comfort.


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