Month: April 2014


How to take care of your Electric Scooter’s battery

The lithium ion batteries are the most expensive part of the electric scooter. This article teaches you how to prolong the life of your lithium ion batteries.


JACK Electric Scooter production delayed?

The much-anticipated JACK electric scooter appears to have been delayed again. We have been enthusiastically following the production developments of the JACK in hopes to get our hands on a unit once it hits production. We first introduced the JACK on our blog in September last year, expecting it to be released around that period. ...


Racing the Electric Scooters

The Singapore company Falcon PEV has a video comparing their products of electric vehicles. The electric scooters used include the MyWay, GoBoard and E-Twow and even a self-balancing scooter that looks like a compact Segway. Check it out for an idea to see how they compare. Do share in the comments if you know of ...


Electric Skateboards

Are they a viable option for the electric kick scooter fan looking for something more extreme? The likes of ZBoard, Boosted Board, and other e-skateboard variants have come to notability through successful kick-starter campaigns and have slowly begun production. I decided to take a brief look at some of the variants of these boards and ...