Month: May 2014


Updates on the Singapore Electric Scooter Scene!

The popularity of e-scooters in Singapore appears to be picking up! This week, Singapore Press Holdings featured a review on the viability of E-Scooters in Singapore - it can be seen here: Kick Scooter gatherings and communities have also been taking off. We joined one such gathering last month, scooting through the central city of ...


Can your hub motor be free-wheeled?

The advent of hub motors as lightweight, and highly efficient alternatives to chain/belt drive motors have made it a mainstream feature in e-scooters. Most if not ALL modern e-scooters all come with hub motors these days so we thought it apt to start a discussion on hub motors and the technologies associated with them. Now first of all, ...


Why aren’t solar powered E-Scooters practical?

Because you either come up with a monstrosity like the pic above, or a really odd-looking object like below:Often, ideas that are a toss of the dice are worth trying. But when you prototype it in your garage or workshop, and it comes out looking like either of the 2 above, then the inventor needs to have the ...


Do it Your Selfi

Everybody knows the Segway and how expensive and bulky it is. And if you missed our previous post about the tragic story behind the CEO's death, you can read it here.We discovered a DIY self-balancing scooter which we thought would make a nice home project for the tech geek in you. Named the Selfi, we ...