Month: October 2014


A Change of pace from the Electronic – Breaking a sweat the fun way

A slight deviation from our usual posts, this article looks at human powered kick scooting. Having incorporated the MyWay electric scooter into my daily routine over the past year, I am no longer walking to the train/bus and e-scooting most of my way to wherever I need to be. While E-Scooters have been a godsend ...


Why Buy an Original Certified E-Scooter

Due to the rise in popularity of the MyWay e-scooter, blatant copycats of the MyWays have inevitably sprung up. That is the reality hardware developers these days have to face. Inventors take immense risks, spend a fortune and a lifetime to perfect a scooter and within 1 year of launch, copycats with inferior build quality and manufacturing ...