JACK in a box

Announcing the Worlds first unboxing of the Jack electric scooter in Black! After a 3 year long arduous wait, LEEV mobility finally released its first production units of the Jack electric scooter. And at sgscooters, its our very first glimpse of what is currently the most premium electric scooter on the market.

Of course we had to take it out for a test run. How does it ride? So for all its muscular looks, it has a very refined acceleration, smooth and gentle when what you are expecting a more Harley type drag. Although we did hope it came up with more of a top speed, the Jack’s top speed of 27kmh was sufficient for most urban rides. What really stood out for us was the thickness of its tires. 10 inches like the Inokim, but it’s 5 inches wide! It feels like you are riding on a cushion of air. This is the fat bike of e-scooters! It’s also a tad on the bulky and heavy side but anyone above 1.7m tall with size 10 feet and above will appreciate the robustness of the ride. What do you expect? The Jack is after all designed and engineered in the country where the average height is 1.8m ie the Netherlands.

The Jack come in black and white and is available at Falcon PEV.

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