Month: April 2016


A Case of Ninebot vs Segway

Many readers have been asking us, what is the difference between Xiaomi mini, Ninebot and Segway? The Segway is the original self-balancing gyroscopic electric scooter that was invented and founded by Dean Kamen, the inventor of the segway. Patented in the US, the segway was an expensive toy the rich and famous and a gimmick for city ...


Ninebot Mini Pro VS Ninebot Mini (Xiaomi) : What’s the Difference??

Emerging from the crazy hoverboard trend comes a two-wheeler on a league of its own. Ninebot easily wow-ed us all with their smooth riding duo: Ninebot Mini (also called the Xiaomi Mini in China) & Ninebot Mini Pro (international version). Priced at $899 (Mini) and $1199 (Mini Pro), the most common question we encounter would be ...