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How to take care of your Electric Scooter’s battery

A still-relevant article we wrote to help customers prolong the life of their batteries. A typical Lithium Ion battery pack last between 1.5 to 2 years. With the right know-how, you can prolong the life of your batteries to last more than 2 years. Your electric scooter batteries are the most expensive component. Take care of it!

For more info on electric scooter maintenance tips, check out our self-help youtube channel.

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With the growing number of electric scooter enthusiasts, also comes growing concern on the longevity of the e-scooter and its parts. When we say parts, the typical concern is over the battery life and the cost of replacing it. Worry no longer, as we will share with you today the ins and outs of the battery you will normally find in e- scooters, and how to care for them – and hopefully extend their life.

Lithium Batteries, the optimal choice.
When deciding on your electric scooter, it is important to go for one that uses a Lithium based battery, over one that uses Lead Acid. Compared to Lead Acid, Lithium batteries are known to have longer life cycles, weigh less, are more maintenance free and are known to charge faster.

Thankfully, we do not need to worry too much about this, as majority of the E-Scooters around are already using…

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  1. my pat gear scooter doesnt run anymore.few days ago when i used it i slow down in the curve or any obstruction on the road , whe i accelerate to resume running it did not run.and i kick off for few meters it is running and repeatation until i got home..and today when i used the scooter it did not run anymore.i tried to kick off many times and nothing happens.the bat.indicator is strong 3 bars.any idea what is the problem of my scooter?

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