Month: February 2018

Most Exciting New E-Scooter in 2018

You guys all heard about 2017's most exciting e-scooter product, the Dualtron Ultra. The Dualtron is a powerhouse e-scooter with plenty of punch on the get-go, dual suspension and an amazing battery range. Its only downside: the weight. The whole package was close to 40kg. However, the Dualtron is last year's news. In the breakneck pace ...

[INFOGRAPHIC] 8 Things to Consider When Choosing an E-Scooter

Feeling lost when buying an e-scooter as there are so many models and variants? We made it simple for you! Here are the 8 considerations you should take into mind when buying an electric scooter or e-scooter.

Why the 250W motor is a Myth

Adoption of the 250W EN Standard All through Europe and many parts of Asia including Singapore, regulators have adopted the EN 15194 standard as their de-facto electric bike certification baseline. This is especially annoying to users and enthusiasts as this certification shows 3 things: 1. Lack of technical knowledge of how power is transmitted in ...