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Best Electronic Locks For E-Bikes and E-Scooters

Reviewing the Best Electronic Locks for E-Scooters and E-Bikes Most e-bikes and e-scooter come equipped with electronic locks as a last line of defence against theft. Theft is unavoidable if the intention and motivation is clear. Most of these electronic locks are to prevent against casual theft and not premeditated theft which requires the use of specialized tools and pre-planning. In this comparison of industry standard electronic locks, we tried to be as objective as possible in scoring and all scoring is based on our experience as riders of ebikes and e-scooters for more than a decade. Let us know if you agree or disagree, all feedback are welcome!

The Price of Owning an E-Bike in Singapore vs Motorcycle

There are many forms of private transportation options to choose from in Singapore. In this article, we will be comparing 2 modes of private transportation that are often considered by Singapore delivery riders whether they are working for Grab or Foodpanda. We are often asked which is more affordable upfront and maintenance wise? Our focus today is to help you figure out which is better from a cost perspective.

If you are riding an E-Bike, You Will Need to Know These New Regulations in 2021

Why the New Regulations in 2021? E-Bikes in Singapore are getting more popular than ever. And we can see that there are more and more food delivery ebike riders populating our Singapore roads. However, due to this rise in ebike usage, some E-Bike regulations are set to change in 2021. Do not worry as we will guide you through in this article on what to expect and how you can prepare for them!

Should I buy an E-Bike or E-Scooter using Financing or Outright Cash?

If you are an e-bike customer in Singapore, we now offer 4 different financing options for your e-bike and e-scooter. The 4 different options are: 1. Cash outright 2. Credit card financing 3. Cash Financing 4. Short-term cash Financing. Which is the best option suited for your needs and situation?

How to Weather Proof Your Scooter

How to prevent rust and corrosion on your e-scooter during the harsh winter weather. In this tutorial, we show you how to seal up your motor, your battery and other components to preserve your e-scooter.

FOC Sine Wave vs Square Wave Controllers

There are generally 2 class of controller designs out in the market: sine wave FOC or square wave. There isn't a best controller design but there is a most suitable design for your needs.

Battle of the Compact LTA Approved E-Bikes

Which One Is Best for Long Distance Food Delivery Riders? That is why we have taken two of the top compact E-Bikes that we feel are perfect for city commuting and pit them against each other. These compact bikes are able to squeeze through the tightest traffic making it very practical for heavy city usage.

Never Lose Track of your Scooter or Bike

One common feature all these shared on demand e-scooter or ebike service possessed was the ability to track and control the device remotely via a GPS and IoT platform. Presenting the ZEROTRK. A GPS and IoT device that allows you to ZERO in on your e-scooter, track it remotely and take over control. It takes the technology developed in scooter and bike sharing and put it in the hands of the everyday consumer.

How To Repair your E-Scooter Motor

Electric motors are very simple things that can be easily diagnosed and repaired. It consists only of 3 main components. In this tutorial, we teach you how to diagnose and repair the electric BLDC motor.

Tutorials to fix your Most Common Scooter Issues

Advertisements E-Scooter How-To Series If you are reading this, you probably found us because of a service need you have with your e-scooter. Well, you have come to the right place. No matter how well built your e-scooter is, like cars and other mechanical moving things, they require regular maintenance and service. Quick Tips We recommend ...

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