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Electric bikes, electric scooters and electric bikes (or variously known as electric skate/kick/push scooters) are a viable mode of personal transport in Singapore and we at sgscooters have set out to document any new electric vehicles and products in the personal mobility market.

The personal mobility market will be a growing presence here in Singapore with new products coming to market quicker than we can buy. Most electric scooters are designed and manufactured in China which isn’t a problem if quality is well controlled. Design and functionality also vary greatly across different electric scooter products. Sgscooters aim to sort through the heap and pick out the quality ones from the rubbish.

Sgscooters is also a firm advocate of safe and responsible riding practices so while we may occasionally feature powerful rugged electric scooters, we do not encourage the use of them without protection or in public spaces where it may be dangerous to pedestrians or even illegal.

The opinions expressed on sgscooters blog are solely the personal opinions of sgscooters. Nevertheless, we will welcome your unreserved opinion and feedback!

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  1. Hello,

    I want to buy an Egret One but I am not sure about Hills with 10-15%.. Will that still work? Will Speed decrease to slower than walking??? Daily ride will be 5,5km x2.

    And what do you think about this Patgear E5 model with suspension? Is that Working? Die you try that? What else is the difference of egret and patgear??? And will the Egret have the same suspension later this year?

    Hope you can help?

    THX 🙂


    1. Egret One/Patgear (identical product) can get up to a high top speed on flat terrain but on hills, it slows down significantly (to walking speed). For such a long journey of >3km per day, I would say go for the myway with its larger pneumatic tires (10 inch on the myway vs the 7 inch on the patgear/egret) and hill-climbing torque.

      The E5 apparently is a good improvement to the Patgear E3 but we have not tried it ourselves but it may have solved the battery issues on the Patgear E3/Egret One. See our previous articles on French sites complaining about the Patgear E3.


  2. Yo! Keep me updated on the upcoming kick/e-scooter gathering events yeah!


  3. hi, always a great read on your reviews of E-scooters. I’ve always been eager to pull the trigger to purchase one for my own leisure use, but was taken aback by the stringent government rulings and penalties. Recently there were a few articles published on the Singapore papers citing fines as high as S$5K or worse, a jail term. I don’t wish to be a wet blanket to all the good people who are enjoying their E-scooters today, but, this is a hard fact to living in Singapore. What are you views and how can we E-scoot legally?


    1. There are a few areas in Singapore where you can e-scoot legally, mostly along the Marina Bay area, Sentosa and One north area i.e. areas owned by URA.

      Road Traffic Act Rule 28 governs the use of vehicles on walkways and pedestrian pathways. Our advice is although that rule applies to all vehicles including bicycles, it is something that is rarely enforced especially if the user is riding safely and responsibly.


  4. Hi where can i buy the io hawk in sg?


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