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Which to Choose Part 2: Ebike vs Escooter

When do you choose between an ebike and escooter? Here is part 2 of the ebike vs escooter debate adapted from E-Mobility HQ following our first part series here. If you are still unsure after reading our first article, we have created a list of pros and cons for each product category to help you ...

Electric scooter riders do these 3 things to virtually never get a flat tyre again

Flat tyres are a fact of life for bicycles and electric scooters with pneumatic wheels. However, due to the smaller tyres, there is a chance that e-scooters have a higher chance of getting a flat tyre. While usually not life-threatening (most punctures happen without causing injury), a flat tyre is without exception a frustrating inconvenience. ...

Holiday Gift Guide for Men – 5 E-Scooters to Get Him this Christmas

The Christmas holidays are coming up soon and everyone’s going about getting gifts for their friends and loved ones. Ever get stuck on what to buy for a brother, boyfriend or husband? Because, yes, guys are indeed very difficult to buy gifts for. You can’t get them soft toys, make-up, or jewelry. So what exactly ...

[Thailand] 4 important things to consider when buying an e-scooter in Thailand

How to choose the best e-scooter for you in Thailand Every country is unique, and what works in one country wouldn’t necessary work in another. That is the same whether it is for government policies, or business practices, or choosing an electric scooter. Thailand also has its own quirks and idiosyncrasies, with its narrow walkways, ...

E-TWOW Booster Plus vs E-TWOW S2

If you are in the market for a good quality lightweight (sub 12kg) e-scooter, look no further than the E-TWOW. The E-TWOW is the leader of the pack in this category and it fully complies to Singapore’s regulatory specifications. Heres a video we found comparing the 2017 ETWOW Booster Plus against the older version ETWOW ...

Review of the All New Inokim Mini

NYLON magazine reviews the Inokim Mini, the lightest most portable electric scooter from Inokim yet.

INOKIM Light in Orange

5 Reasons Ladies are Ditching Heels for Wheels

Scoot over boys, the ladies are finally stepping in to the PMD scene! And here’s why: Grocery Shopping just got FUN – Basket on, load off! Walking to the nearest supermarket to pick up ingredients for dinner can be kind of a dread. But you know you’ve already been surviving on order-ins and takeaways for the ...

ZERO 2.0 Looking Insta-worthy

ZERO 2.0 CNET Review

Read CNET’s review on our ZERO 2.0 electric scooter here. The ZERO 2.0 is the Original carbon fiber electric scooter with a sleek and minimalist design much like Apple’s design concept. The entire scooter is controlled by a single “home” button which turns on/off the scooter, sets the speed, and turns on/off the headlights. All throttle controls ...

INOKIM Quick 3 Front & Rear Lights

Inokim Quick 2 vs Quick 3

A comparison between Inokim Quick 2 and Quick 3 electric scooter.

Fold and Go in 2 Seconds

Do you Stigo? Stigo is the World’s lightest foldable electric scooter with an integrated seat. Combining excellent ergonomic design with swift foldability, the Stigo is truly an amazing invention but we are completely biased. Test ride one to find out for yourself! The Stigo is now available worldwide including Singapore.