What is Personal Mobility?


Personal Mobility is a lifestyle choice for some and a need for others. It represents freedom from the constraints (and constant battle) of public transportation systems and from the high risks and costs of daily car commuting. Our very unscientific observation shows that people who are free from these societal constraints of daily commute are less stressed and are more relaxed at home and at work. Elderlies and the physically handicapped who have adopted a personal mobility transport lifestyle can experience greater freedom of movement and a happier lifestyle as a result.

Personal mobility vehicles includes all types of bicycles including folding, fixies, hybrids etc and electric vehicles like electric wheelchairs, e-scooters, e-bikes etc. Folding bikes have been growing in interest in recent times and its compactness and lightweight feature makes it very practical for urban travel. Compact electric vehicles are also getting some attention from the urban public as it provides a fuss-free, tireless way of connecting people from their homes to their workplaces or their neighbourhood amenities.

In Singapore, there are plenty of bicycle shops offering lightweight bicycles like hybrids, fixies or foldies. This blog will focus more on personal electric mobility solutions here in Singapore. For the electric segment that offers affordable electric wheelchairs and electric scooters, several companies like Falcon Mobility and Falcon PEV stand out as specialized players of personal electric vehicles in the global market.

Personal Electric Vehicles is a way of declaring to the world that ‘I am free to do things MY WAY’, and breaking free from the constraints of expensive cars and confines of public transport.

Welcome to the E-scooter revolution.

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