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The Price of Owning an E-Bike in Singapore vs Motorcycle

There are many forms of private transportation options to choose from in Singapore. In this article, we will be comparing 2 modes of private transportation that are often considered by Singapore delivery riders whether they are working for Grab or Foodpanda. We are often asked which is more affordable upfront and maintenance wise? Our focus today is to help you figure out which is better from a cost perspective.

If you are riding an E-Bike, You Will Need to Know These New Regulations in 2021

Why the New Regulations in 2021? E-Bikes in Singapore are getting more popular than ever. And we can see that there are more and more food delivery ebike riders populating our Singapore roads. However, due to this rise in ebike usage, some E-Bike regulations are set to change in 2021. Do not worry as we will guide you through in this article on what to expect and how you can prepare for them!

Which to Choose Part 2: Ebike vs Escooter

Advertisements When do you choose between an ebike and escooter? Here is part 2 of the ebike vs escooter debate adapted from E-Mobility HQ following our first part series here. If you are still unsure after reading our first article, we have created a list of pros and cons for each product category to help ...

All You Need to Know About Owning an E-Bike and E-Scooter in Singapore (By NYLON)

Advertisements We have had too many people asking us if they need to register their e-scooters with authorities so we thought to lay down the facts once and for all. We found this NYLON article a very useful concise guide on the new regulations affecting e-bike and e-scooter users in Singapore. Heres the excerpt: October ...

New Electric Bike Regulations

Advertisements Are Electric Bikes Legal? Electric bikes or Power Assisted Bikes (PABs), have been getting quite a bad rep lately, to a point where it has been almost taboo to ride an e-bike in Singapore. They are basically the unwanted children of motorbikes -- car drivers see them as road hogs, often taking up valuable lane space and pedestrians ...