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JACK in a box

Advertisements Announcing the Worlds first unboxing of the Jack electric scooter in Black! After a 3 year long arduous wait, LEEV mobility finally released its first production units of the Jack electric scooter. And at sgscooters, its our very first glimpse of what is currently the most premium electric scooter on the market. Of course ...


JACK Electric Scooter production delayed?

Advertisements The much-anticipated JACK electric scooter appears to have been delayed again. We have been enthusiastically following the production developments of the JACK in hopes to get our hands on a unit once it hits production. We first introduced the JACK on our blog in September last year, expecting it to be released around that ...


Introducing the JACK Electric Scooter in October

Advertisements The JACK electric scooter has what many scooter brands in Singapore are missing -- a blend of beauty with brawn. Its kinda expected given that they are of Dutch design and engineering. Although currently in its production phase, the JACK beta version has caused much unbridled anticipation amongst e-scooter lovers! Though built ruggedly, its design ...