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Battle of the Compact LTA Approved E-Bikes

Which One Is Best for Long Distance Food Delivery Riders? That is why we have taken two of the top compact E-Bikes that we feel are perfect for city commuting and pit them against each other. These compact bikes are able to squeeze through the tightest traffic making it very practical for heavy city usage.

Why the 250W motor is a Myth

Advertisements Adoption of the 250W EN Standard All through Europe and many parts of Asia including Singapore, regulators have adopted the EN 15194 standard as their de-facto electric bike certification baseline. This is especially annoying to users and enthusiasts as this certification shows 3 things: 1. Lack of technical knowledge of how power is transmitted ...

Registering your E-Bike in Singapore

Advertisements New E-Bike Regulations Like many Singaporeans, I have a love-hate relationship with the new E-Bike (or PAB) regulations. The new law that requires all power-assisted bicycles to be registered is intended to improve the safety of park connector and road users. Luckily for you, we have made the registration process more convenient by taking ...