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Launch of the ZERO E-Scooter Series

The ZERO is a high performance, value for money e-scooter series that checks every box in an e-scooter rider’s idea of a dream scooter.

Launch of the Kobra

Kobra -- A Serpent-Inspired E-Scooter With many car designs increasingly being inspired by members of the animal kingdom such as sharks, and cats, it was about time the PEV world followed suit. Introducing the Kobra, the most comfortable seated electric scooter. Inspired Simplistic Design The Kobra isn't just any ordinary electric scooter. Its unique serpent-like design ...

5 Things that Compromise an EScooter Range

Not All Riding Conditions are Ideal The purpose of an electric scooter (or escooter) is to get you from place to place. Naturally, how far the scooter can go is an important feature. However, the range is often the feature most often complained by riders less to be than advertised. Why is that consistently so? The ...

[Advice] 6 Rules How to Make Your Electric Scooter’s Battery Live Long & Prosper

Contributed by Joyor Scooters The battery is one of the most important (and expensive) parts of an electric scooter and it has to be well maintained and taken care of. Its warranty period is usually shorter than the warranty period of an e-scooter or e-bike. But you can significantly prolong the life of the battery of ...