Announcing the New Zoom Air II out now (previously called the E-TWOW Gen II)


The Zoom Air 2 is now open for preorders at Falcon PEV. Previously called the E-TWOW Gen II, the Zoom Air 2 is a much improved version of the 1st cut. Besides the larger battery capacity of 6.5Ah or the upgraded batt version of 8.5Ah, the Zoom Air 2 is able to obtain a max speed of about 25km/h and a range of 25km (30+km with the upgraded batt spec of 8.5Ah!). Incredible numbers considering how lightweight it is at 10.5kg.

Several issues have been fixed from the first cut. The first version had stability issues due mainly to its lightweight structure. The Zoom Air (or E-twow) version 2 is structurally stronger and has a wider deck. The first version also had an annoying wobbliness to when folded and the new version solves that by smartly introducing a locking mechanism to the rear fender such that when folded, the whole scooter is rigid, allowing the rider to trolley the scooter on the back wheel! Ingenious.

Another fix from the first version is that there was a 3V LCD battery that tended to short and drain easily on the first version. When that happened, the entire board will stop working. In the Zoom Air 2, the LCD draws power from the main battery which solves the issue of having to constantly change batteries.

Zoom Air 2. Now you can trolley it with the frame locking system.

Zoom Air 2. Only 10.5kg.

Zoom Air ultimate city commuter

For more information and full specs, check out Falcon PEV to preorder your Zoom Air 2 today!

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