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Curious MyWay Name Change

Advertisements Has MyWay changed its name? Some of you may have noticed that the MyWay website has recently announced that they are rebranding the MyWay to inokim. The main inokim website also features the same products and the same designer fronting the website. Sgscooters have been in touch with the Israeli developers and we have been informed ...


Announcing the New Zoom Air II out now (previously called the E-TWOW Gen II)

Advertisements The Zoom Air 2 is now open for preorders at Falcon PEV. Previously called the E-TWOW Gen II, the Zoom Air 2 is a much improved version of the 1st cut. Besides the larger battery capacity of 6.5Ah or the upgraded batt version of 8.5Ah, the Zoom Air 2 is able to obtain a ...


E-Scooter Online Forums and Communities

Advertisements With an ever growing base of MyWay users, we have created an online community to share ideas and improvements for all enthusiasts. For MyWay tips and tricks to tune and mod your MyWay vehicle, join this global community of MyWay users on facebook: To join our community of Team GoBoard, GoBoard users can ...


Demystifying your Scooter’s Electronic Throttle

Advertisements Most e-bikes or e-scooters comes with an electronic throttle control these days. Its the same technology that car accelerators come with too although on a different scale and complexity. If you ever do (please don't!) open up your electronic throttle control on your electric scooter, you will see 3 main components: A spring, a rotary ...

How to repair and maintain your MYWAY scooter

Advertisements As MYWAY/Inokim becomes more and more global, there has been many requests for us to expand on a series of self-guided instructional videos on how to fix, repair and maintain your MYWAY or Inokim e-scooter. Here is a start. There will be more instructional videos to come over the next few weeks. The Tools ...


A word about Nimrod

Advertisements He is the name behind illustrious and commercially successful products like Taga bikes and the MYWAY. When speaking of industrial design for personal mobility, Nimrod Sapir's name is at the forefront of the design industry, not just in Israel where he currently resides but throughout the world. An adventurer and thrill-seeker by nature, he travels the world with great abandon to ...


Touring around Singapore with e-scooters

Advertisements The Urban Redevelopment Authority (URA), in charge of planning the future landscape of Singapore, has already designated 700km of bike paths and bike friendly lanes by 2020-ish. This ambitious development plan could radically change how people in Singapore, tourists included commute and get around. Some bloggers in Singapore recently took a MYWAY and an E-TWOW for ...


Mainstream media on E-scootering

Advertisements Cycling mags and lifestyle mags have taken much interest in the scootering/kick-scootering scene. The local kickscooter/e-scooter scene have been covered by several well-known publications like the Sunday Times, SPH Razor TV and most recently, Singapore's most popular cycling mag, SPIN Asia. Check out SPIN Asia's review the MYWAY scooter.


Can your hub motor be free-wheeled?

Advertisements The advent of hub motors as lightweight, and highly efficient alternatives to chain/belt drive motors have made it a mainstream feature in e-scooters. Most if not ALL modern e-scooters all come with hub motors these days so we thought it apt to start a discussion on hub motors and the technologies associated with them. Now first of ...