Is the Egret One from Germany and Patgear in Singapore the same product?


It seems like the case according to the singapore importer of the Patgear. The picture shows what a Patgear looks like. And you can see from the link below what Germany’s Egret One looks like:

When contacted and asked about the Egret, the Singapore distributor of the Patgear said they are from the same Taiwanese manufacturer. Egret OEM’ed the Patgear for their own market. And apparently, the Taiwanese manufacturer was allowed to sell it under their own Patgear brand. The Singapore distributor is called Banly Electric and they operate out of a warehouse. Apparently, they supply the Netherland’s JACK electric scooters too (yet to be released) and a host of other brands of electric scooters and bicycles. Their website can be found here:

  1. great discovery! Thanks! i’ve wrote about this too on my blogg Let me know if we can trader links!


    1. Sure, send me the link to your article.


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