Most Exciting New E-Scooter in 2018


You guys all heard about 2017’s most exciting e-scooter product, the Dualtron Ultra.

The Dualtron is a powerhouse e-scooter with plenty of punch on the get-go, dual suspension and an amazing battery range.

Its only downside: the weight. The whole package was close to 40kg.

However, the Dualtron is last year’s news. In the breakneck pace of PEV innovation, 1 year is a lifetime.

Now, imagine the Dualtron Ultra and pack it into 18kg.

Enter the Rion. To be launched in March 2018. And yes, its all carbon fiber baby. Watch this space as we will be doing a video review on it very soon.

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The Rion is all carbon fiberHigh deck clearance means that the Rion can clear kerbs easilyPMT Racing Tires are the only tires suitable for the Rion.Front and Rear Shimano XT brakesRion's rigid frame is able to take plenty of abuseCarbon fiber fork and fenderBluetooth App Connected

Full specs of the carbon fiber Rion can be found here.

Popular Mechanics also did a early review of the prototype version of the Rion.

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