Scooter-zilla has arrived on the shores of Singapore


We recently went to a customer’s house to pick up a kooper scooter he imported over from Israel. We brought our small Nissan Latio thinking it would be able to load into the hatch with room to spare. Never would it cross our minds that this monster of an electric scooter weighs a ton (>35kg to be less dramatic) and is about 1.5m lengthwise. Needless to say, we decided to come back with the minivan instead. Asked the owner how much he forked out for this e-scooter, his reply “Too much”. It was USD 4800 if you want to know. And we told him if he ever wants to trade in for something much much more compact, he could buy 3 of the Myway scooters at our Falcon PEV store for the same price! Amazing machine however. And its got some speed as well. Check out the cute child seat behind.

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