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The Price of Owning an E-Bike in Singapore vs Motorcycle

There are many forms of private transportation options to choose from in Singapore. In this article, we will be comparing 2 modes of private transportation that are often considered by Singapore delivery riders whether they are working for Grab or Foodpanda. We are often asked which is more affordable upfront and maintenance wise? Our focus today is to help you figure out which is better from a cost perspective.

If you are riding an E-Bike, You Will Need to Know These New Regulations in 2021

Why the New Regulations in 2021? E-Bikes in Singapore are getting more popular than ever. And we can see that there are more and more food delivery ebike riders populating our Singapore roads. However, due to this rise in ebike usage, some E-Bike regulations are set to change in 2021. Do not worry as we will guide you through in this article on what to expect and how you can prepare for them!

Should I buy an E-Bike or E-Scooter using Financing or Outright Cash?

If you are an e-bike customer in Singapore, we now offer 4 different financing options for your e-bike and e-scooter. The 4 different options are: 1. Cash outright 2. Credit card financing 3. Cash Financing 4. Short-term cash Financing. Which is the best option suited for your needs and situation?

Battle of the Compact LTA Approved E-Bikes

Which One Is Best for Long Distance Food Delivery Riders? That is why we have taken two of the top compact E-Bikes that we feel are perfect for city commuting and pit them against each other. These compact bikes are able to squeeze through the tightest traffic making it very practical for heavy city usage.

Launch of the D.Y.U.

Advertisements Finally, a Compact Ergonomic E-Scooter... We have all been waiting for something like this for quite a while. And the engineers at DYU has answered our call. Back in 2016, we announced the launch of the Stigo and the Stigo was admittedly abit on the heavy side at 15kg. The e-scooter rider is a very ...

Launch of the EPIQUE City E-Bike

Advertisements Embrace the EPIQUE Ride Designed and engineered by former Dahon engineers, the EPIQUE City is the most compact foldable electric bike you will EVER ride. The EPIQUE's stealth feature with a hidden battery in the seat post makes it look like a regular bicycle and it sure rides as smoothly as a regular foldie ...

Registering your E-Bike in Singapore

Advertisements New E-Bike Regulations Like many Singaporeans, I have a love-hate relationship with the new E-Bike (or PAB) regulations. The new law that requires all power-assisted bicycles to be registered is intended to improve the safety of park connector and road users. Luckily for you, we have made the registration process more convenient by taking ...

Why Do E-Bike Batteries Explode?

Advertisements An electric bike that was left charging overnight on Tuesday was just one of a string of recent ebike explosion incidents. In light of the growing popularity of electric mobility solutions in Singapore, Sgscooters felt a need to inform our users on the proper use and maintenance of lithium ion batteries that most e-bikes and ...

Launch of the Tsinova E-Bike

Advertisements Winner of the Red Dot Design award, the All New Tsinova Electric Bike is an elegantly designed, vintage E-Bike that will turn heads without emptying wallets. From its elegant design to the quality brushed paint finish, the Tsinova sets itself apart from the rest of the crowded electric bike pack. Best of all, the Tsinova ...