Launch of the EPIQUE City E-Bike

Embrace the EPIQUE Ride

Designed and engineered by former Dahon engineers, the EPIQUE City is the most compact foldable electric bike you will EVER ride.

The EPIQUE’s stealth feature with a hidden battery in the seat post makes it look like a regular bicycle and it sure rides as smoothly as a regular foldie until you flick on the power button…

Start pedalling and the electric boost thrills you to places unimaginable. Uphill, over road tarmac, the EPIQUE rides like a breeze across any terrain with its thick 16″ x 2.25″ tires.

This launch video beautifully explains the EPIQUE as truly an e-bike for ALL. Whether you are a leisure rider or a commuter, the EPQIUE Electric Bike can give you a beautiful sweat-free experience.

The EPIQUE City is now available exclusively at these following locations:


Falcon PEV




Falcon Go




Falcon PEV Indonesia


  1. How much and outlet location in the Philippines?


    1. Check out our partner in Manila here:


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